Marcus Anderson

Deep Resonant Professional Authoritative Energetic

Marcus Anderson, a Los Angeles California and Memphis Tennessee based voice talent, has a natural age range is 35-65 both Middle Aged and Senior He has a warm, resonant, sincere baritone voice. Marcus can add an African American feel to his performance like Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Denzel Washington, Dennis Haysbert and Rodney Saulsberry.  Marcus is accomplished at relaxed, conversational, believable soft sell attitudes such as friendly, calm, soothing, sentimental, folksy, story telling, caring, trustworthy regular guy next door and down to earth like Hal Riney of Morning in America or Tim Allen of Chevrolet, Kevin Spacey of Honda and Jeff Bridges of Hyundai.


“Marcus is a pleasure to work with. His voice is obviously great but more importantly, he is a very good actor! I can’t wait for a chance to work with him again.”

“I went back to Marcus when I realized his voice and skill would have more use for my project than I first even realized, and he did another excellent job, ahead of schedule.”

“Marcus was extremely helpful in a last minute turn around. Very professional! Definitely work with him again!”

“Marcus was great! Just what we needed.”

“Thanks very much Marcus. You’re a great talent! I look forward to working with you again.”